GPP field officers have spent June and July implementing the first stages of GPP’s social program. This involves helping participating households to grow native vegetanbles, tropical fruit trees and native chickens. Training in vermiculture and fertilizer production is part of the program.


Passionfruit is well suited to the Palawan ecosphere.

The climate of Palawan island supports the cultivation of all types of fruit including passionfruit. GPP’s social program includes assisting the participating households of the indigenous peoples tribes to grow fruit trees for every home.


GPP’s field officers have been training participating householders in its partner barangays to plant fruit trees around their homes to enable them to reach food self-sufficiency without the need to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. Head of the program CEO Dr Batugal has selected 85 of the most nutritious and tasty fruits that are suited to the Philippines environment, and householders choose from these the ones that they wish to plant.

Starfruit Carambola

Starfruit or carambola.

The starfruit or carambola is a fruit native to the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and surrounding countries. Its has a sweet but tangy flavour, and the whole fruit can be eaten like an apple. Packed with vitamin C, and smaller amounts of vitamin A, magnesium and potassium it is easy to grow and is also an ideal fresh fruit juice base.

GPP’s partner nurseries are able to supply tropical fruit stock from the selection of 85 tropical fruits that are made available under GPP’s social program to partnering barangays on Palawan.